Chapter 3: Fresh Starts


03-02-17_7-58-53 PM

Welcome back to my Broodmare 100 Baby Challenge.  When we last left off, Bernice, our Matriarch, was frantically taking care of these 3 little hooligans – Autumn (middle) and Beckett (right) are twins, and then Charlotte (left), who has just become a dreaded toddler.  They lived on the roof of Fountainview Plaza last chapter, but as you can see from this photo, that is no longer true.

03-02-17_7-59-09 PM

I am VERY bad, and freerealestated them to an unfurnished version of the most expensive empty house in Oasis Springs!  This should be my last move…as I’m hoping this house will work out for me.  I have put different lot traits on this house…private dwelling (to keep vamps and unwanted baby daddy’s away), good grades, and On Ley Line.

03-02-17_8-33-01 PM

With the funds they had left, Bernice furnished as best she could.  She made a giant toddler room, with an area for toys, potty time (hi Beckett) and bedtime.  There are ipads in this photo, but they are now gone, since I learned that these little monsters learn slower when you plop them in front of one.

03-02-17_8-39-12 PM

Well, well…who do we have here?  Johnny Zest is feeling a little frisky!

03-02-17_8-41-34 PM

This is Bernice’s room…she’s busy right now!

03-02-17_8-43-16 PM

And Johnny can now leave the building…never to be heard from again.

03-02-17_9-16-30 PM

Beckett reached level 3 in all toddler skills.  Sadly, his twin is nowhere near that…and I am not waiting for her to learn before aging Beckett up.  They only have one more day as toddlers anyway, but they are driving me bat :poop: crazy!  So Beckett is blowing out his candles.

03-02-17_9-18-41 PM

Awww…isn’t he adorable?  He might be, but his trait sure isn’t…he rolled gloomy.  So much for having one less sim who is sad all the time.  He also rolled Child Whiz for his child aspiration.

03-05-17_1-29-17 PM

Well I apparently forgot to take a photo of Autumn’s birthday, but here Bernice is helping her with homework.  Beckett is already done with homework, and he is one day ahead of school over Autumn.

03-05-17_4-30-18 PM

Charlotte is now the only toddler left, and this is about where we realized that children grow up faster with some adult interaction.  Bernice is waiting for Charlotte to finish going potty so she can read her a bedtime story.

03-05-17_4-37-36 PM

Communication skill also goes extremely fast when you interact with this brown bear.

03-05-17_4-37-46 PM

Charlotte wants to hug her big bear!  I thought this was cute.

03-05-17_4-43-51 PM

More bedtime storytelling to boost one of the 5 skills.

03-05-17_4-52-37 PM

And Bernice, as a dance machine, is teaching Charlotte how to boogie!  This boosts movement skill fairly fast.

03-08-17_7-16-51 AM

All that was learned for toddlers came a little too late in terms of maxing or gaining 3 levels.  Charlotte got her birthday cake on her actual birthday.

03-08-17_7-19-44 AM

Charlotte as a child…she rolled Neat as her trait, and Artistic Prodigy for her aspiration.

03-08-17_7-25-09 AM

It’s finally time!!!

03-08-17_7-25-54 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, please feast your eyes on Bernice’s 4th child…a little boy named Dane.


Chapter 2: Toddler Hell

02-03-17_8-49-08 PM

So, when we left off last time, it was with this photo of Bernice, pregnant with Father 2’s baby…but what I didn’t show you was who Baby Daddy #2 is.

02-03-17_8-47-31 PM

Why, it’s the hot man from last chapter who had his head chopped off in my photo.  His name is Hamza Mounib.

02-04-17_12-13-35 PM
Autumn aged up into a toddler…she looks adorable, but don’t let that fool you.  Her toddler trait is Fussy.

02-04-17_12-14-13 PM

And here is sweet, Beckett just after becoming a toddler.  His toddler trait is silly.

02-04-17_12-15-36 PM

So these are the first two toddlers I have played, and so there will be some spam…sorry.  They do look cute in their high chairs…but not when they have a fit and smash their food onto the tray, and throw it on the floor.

02-04-17_12-41-58 PM
Beckett wants to learn to go potty…and it takes FOREVER.

02-04-17_12-43-26 PM

Salim REFUSES to leave.  He is sometimes helpful, but sometimes he’s a punk…like the time he smashed Autumn’s doll house to smithereens.

02-04-17_12-43-42 PM
Beckett gained some movement skill by bopping to the music.  At this point in time, EVERYONE was practically in the red on most need meters…I was ready to pull my hair out…I was NOT one of the people who bitched about lack of toddlers for two years! lol  I have ALWAYS hated the toddler stage.

02-06-17_7-02-34 AM

See…here’s Autumn pissing and moaning in her high chair…can’t you see that mommy is too tired to give you a bath tonite?!

02-06-17_7-04-16 AM

But the spoiled little brat got her way anyways, lol.  She does look very happy playing in the water.

02-06-17_7-21-23 AM

Really, Bernice!  I can’t even help you take care of the ones you already have, can’t you keep the next one in there a little longer!!?

02-06-17_7-21-53 AM
No one ever listens to me.  Here we have baby number 3, Charlotte.  We will be keeping Bernice away from men until at least the twins age up.

02-06-17_7-05-15 PM

Ok, so then I did something a little on the cheaty side…maybe.  I was hoping that if I moved out of Salim’s apartment building he wouldn’t come visit me for days at a time.  So I freerealestated and moved into the penthouse…bulldozed the penthouse, and reset my family funds to what they were before, but not til after putting the required things in, such as the elevator, mailbox, and garbage chute.  I did bring my furniture from the first apartment with me.

02-06-17_7-22-10 PM

So, we still are all in the rainbow colors of needs, and Bernice did the only thing she could do…call a damn nanny.

02-07-17_7-46-15 PM

Thank god the toddlers can ask the non-playable sims to help them with their needs…cause the nanny was igoring the fact that Beckett needed to go potty…and Bernice is EXHAUSTED.  So are the toddlers, because I have Charlotte too close to the toddler beds.  They wake up everytime she cries.

02-07-17_7-53-28 PM

And…Salim is back…guess that didn’t work…thank god for MC Cheats.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Broodmare 100 Baby Challenge…Version 3.0

02-03-17_7-12-51 PM

I know, I know…I keep starting over…Here is our newest re-incarnation of Bernice Broodmare…Version 3.0.  She is a Romantic, creative, dance machine.  Her lot traits for the first five children are Romantic Aura, On Ley Line, and Good Schools.  These will most likely end up being the lot traits wherever they live, but we shall see.

02-03-17_7-21-07 PM
Bernice is not one to waste time…she quickly forms a “Baby Daddy” club and invites over her new neighbor, Salim Benali.

02-03-17_7-22-18 PM
Salim was putty in her hand, thanks to the club socials and the 4 flirty lamps that are on the dresser.

02-03-17_7-27-14 PM

Yeah!!!! There’s gonna be a baby!

02-03-17_8-08-45 PM
Bernice spends her pregnancy trying to fulfill her “Work from home” tasks of the Critic career.  One day she was eating with this hunk of a man, who I’m hoping we will see later.  I am talking about the man with half his head chopped off the photo, as the other sim is Salim, and he is “Been there and done that”!

02-03-17_8-33-38 PM

Bernice is in labor!  Bring me some babies!

02-03-17_8-37-21 PM
I didn’t take a proper picture of both of them…but there are twins (yeah!!!)  The girl baby is named Autumn, and the boy is named Beckett.

02-03-17_8-41-35 PM
Right after Bernice finished giving birth, her neighbors starting having a love fest…a very loud love fest!  But guess which neighbor it was?

02-03-17_8-42-09 PM
Bernice was shocked to see Salim dressed in a maid’s outfit…though it does explain the man bun.  She yelled at him for waking up his twin children, which he doesn’t even know about, because Bernice’s watcher didn’t let her tell him that she was pregnant.

02-03-17_8-49-08 PM

I will leave you all with this next photo…someone is pregnant again.

Notes:  I am now following the ruleset created by Erica87 at The Sims forum.  I am doing an immortal 100 Baby Challenge, meaning that I’m going to keep Bernice alive long enough to have ALL the Babies!!!

Chapter 4: Skillin, Skillin, Skillin

Welcome back to my 100 Baby Challenge!  When we last left off, Bernice had just given birth to her fourth baby, currently known as Tommy.  She is also pregnant with her fifth baby.


Here is Allium, sitting at his painting table, waiting for some inspiration to hit him.


I guess the violin is what ended up inspiring him, not painting.  Nutella is in the background, doing her homework.


Tommy grew up to be blue/purple, too!  His name is now Acai.  His random aspiration is Bestselling Author, so we have yet another child who will be doing Artistic Prodigy as a child.


So, everything in the house is broken and dirty.  Tangerine decided she was too lazy to fix everything herself, and so she hired the handywoman…BIG mistake!  She cost over $100!  We only had like $200!


Which means that we now know what new skill Bernice is going to pick up for her Renaissance Sim aspiration…painting.


She hadn’t even finished the painting before she realized that it wasn’t her horrible dinner that was giving her grief.


She waddled her way to the bassinet, howling in pain (like a werewolf from TS3).


It’s a girl!  Bernice is inspecting it closely to make sure…and she is very unhappy that this child doesn’t have purple skin!


Her name right now is…I can’t remember!!!  But she’ll have her real name soon enough!


We are now focusing our attention on a few key family members…Bernice, here, has been stuck at level 3 of her aspiration for an eternity…she needs to be PROMOTED!!!


Another sim is Tangerine…who has an A in high school, but does not have her aspiration finished.  So you will be seeing her at the gym a lot.  She has the gym rat reward trait, so she is actually having fun by working out (yeah right!)


We are also focusing on Allium, because we can only afford one painting table, and we have multiple sims who need to use it.  Why he isn’t at said table right now, is beyond me.


We finally got enough money painting to afford a treadmill for Tangerine.  She is getting near the end of her aspiration.  I should mention that I decided to form a family club.  They have boosts in painting, fitness, homework, and something else.  I am not going to use the club mechanism to find Bernice baby daddy’s, cause that is WAY too easy!


Here’s a shot of the entire family sleeping.  Tangerine is so used to a comfy bed that she slept with her mother in hers, instead of sleeping in her own cheap bed. (Nutella was in her normal bed)


Speaking of Nutella…she is painting her little hands off in order to earn money for the house.  She has barely started her aspiration, which is read 3 books and get to level 3 in logic.


Birthday time!!!  Yeah!!!  The baby has light purple skin, and she shall be named Lavender!


Here is Lavender from the front.  I should mention that we are having a baby hiatus for the moment, until we get some things straightened out.  I want Bernice to be on her way to her next and last career…so she can stay in past level 3, and hopefully earn more money.  I want Tangerine out of the house…the list goes on and on.


The rainbows above their heads indicates that a club gathering is taking place.  Allium is working on his paintings, and Lavender is sleeping.  Someone needs to clean up the dishes.


Here, our two Renaissance sims are working on their aspiration and/or daily work task.

10-02-16_9-37-49 AM

The house is getting so disgusting with all these slobs that live here…you’d think they had a maid to clean up after them.

10-02-16_10-10-27 AM

Well now, they do have a maid…the watcher!  I placed this garbage can, and it pays the house $10/family member per plate put in the can…that’s a lot of money with all the plates that end up in the house on a given day.  The key is to not let your sims clean up, because they will gather ALL the plates and put it in at one time…earning a lot less money then if I do it one plate at a time.

10-02-16_9-50-40 AM

It’s time for Allium to become a teenager!

10-02-16_9-51-53 AM

Yeah, I don’t like the mohawk!

10-02-16_9-57-31 AM

I like this hairstyle much better.  A reminder that Allium’s aspiration is Painter Extraordinare…so he will be starting that ASAP.

10-02-16_11-11-58 AM

I forgot to mention what Lavender’s aspiration is…she wants to have a Successful Lineage…ugh!  So, since she will not likely be the heir, she will just be living in this house forever, as she has to have a child max a career or achieve their aspiration (can’t remember).  So I decided to make her child aspiration Whiz Kid.  One of her first requirements is to have an adult read to her for 2 hours.

10-02-16_3-05-09 PM

Woo hoo!!! What’s this?!  Tangerine is becoming a young adult…on her actual birthday!  But the good news is that she also just finished her aspiration, so she will get to move out after this party.  The guy on the right is Marcus Flex, Tangerine’s dad.

10-02-16_3-07-00 PM

We also aged up one of Tangerine’s friends from school…the hope was to get her married before sending her away…but this boy didn’t want to be with a woman that could kick his ass!  Pansy!  So, this is where we say goodbye to our first baby to leave the nest!  Please get your own life, Tangerine, and do not text me every little thing you are doing.

Well that’s it for this time.  You are now caught up to my game play (again!)  I will put Tangerine up in the gallery under #simfulicious next time I go into the game.

Chapter 3: Photos, Where Art Thou?

Welcome back to my 100 Baby Challenge!  So I apparently almost had enough gameplay done to make a new chapter almost immediately after posting the 2nd Chapter, earlier today.  Since I like to play and then post, I’m not going to hold out on you guys any longer!


Nutella loves her new baby brother, currently named Howard, until we see what he’s like as a child.


Yeah!  It’s a Birthday Party!!!


Tangerine is spinning, and spinning, and what is she going to look like?


This is what she is going to look like from the side.  She’s got some lips on her, though!


Tangerine got asked to go to the ruins by this boy.  He’s the son of Bernice’s co-worker…you know, the co-worker that Bernice tried to homewreck.


Tangerine thought things were going well, and so she decided to give him a little flirt.  He started screaming at her!  Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!


Ari Lawrence comes over to have a little adult time with Bernice.  She apparently thought he should have a clean toilet!  Like he’ll be here long enough to even use it.  Bernice is the one who will be on it before it can even dry!


See, told ya!  See ya, Ari!  Nice knowing you!  You better give me a redhead!


Howard aged up and has purple skin!!!!  My first purple child!    How did you end up with purple skin?  When you were a baby you had pale skin!  His name is now Allium.  Yes it’s a flower, but it sounds masculine to me.  Allium rolled an adult aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire, so we have another child aspiration of Artistic Prodigy.  His trait is creative.


Tangerine made a cake for Nutella’s birthday!  Bernice has been far too busy in her new career as a rocket scientist, so the kids have been fending for themselves.


Nutella is taking her teenage selfie!


This is how dire things have become for our poor Bernice…she has just peed herself in the living room.  Why?  Cause ALL of her children decided they needed to use the bathroom at the same time.


Look at how messy this house is!  You better get those teenagers to work!  They need some chores!


Here is Bernice coming home from work…and looking extremely pregnant.  I think she got promoted, though, so that’s good.


Yep, she’s in labor alright!  Thank god her children were all in school, so they didn’t have to witness the atrocities that are about to happen.


It’s a boy!  Right now his name is Tommy.  I can’t trust the babies skin color at all!


Awweee!  Such a sweet nooboo!

10-01-16_12-44-52 PM

When I found out that my game wasn’t saving any photos, I wanted to punch something!  But Tangerine is going to punch something for me.  So, to get you caught up to speed…I made a baby daddy in CAS, with purple skin and hair.  He got Bernice pregnant, and none of those photos can be found.

10-01-16_12-27-36 PM

Thank plumbob that Nutella is old enough to paint now, because we are POOR!!!  Tommy better take his time aging up or he won’t have a place to sleep!

10-01-16_12-37-14 PM

Here is an overall view of the house…there also a very small bathroom off of Bernice’s bedroom.  Where are we going to put another bed, whenever we can afford one?!

That’s it for this time…you are now caught up to my gameplay.  Sorry this chapter was a bit weird, as I really did lose my photos.  I don’t think they ever took…that’s what I get for repairing my game.

Chapter 2: Freeze Ray to the Rescue!

Welcome back to my 100 Rainbow Baby Challenge!  I have been playing a little bit ahead, and holding back updates, in preparation for SimNaNiWrMo (Yeah, I might have the acronym wrong, but you know what I mean!)  When we last left off, our baby mama, Bernice, had just given birth to her second baby…Nutella.


Nutella has aged to a child, and her randomized aspiration is going to be Renaissance Sim.  I chose Artistic Prodigy for her child Aspiration, and gave her the creative trait.  Money was tight, but I was able to get her an art table.


Bernice has gone a couple days without getting herself pregnant, mainly because I wanted to be able to focus on making sure Tangerine and Nutella were getting the attention they needed.  Now it looks like Bernice is ready to get back on the horse.  Who does she pick…none other than Dominic Fyres.  Unfortunately, Mr. Fyres has learned his lesson on cheating, and will not have anything to do with Bernice!  Damn you, Delilah Bairn for breaking him!


Since Dominic didn’t want anything to do with her, Bernice tried to hit on this guy at work…right in front of his wife!  Ooppsie!!!  Seriously, though, this guy is everywhere that Bernice goes…can you say stalker!!!


In other work news, Bernice upgraded her simray to also transform objects.  Yeah, I don’t think a shower is what we need in the breakroom!


Bernice transformed the object again…and it made a bad situation even worse.


After repeated directions given to Bernice to Freeze Ray the fire, she decided to go back downstairs instead, and then come back upstairs to gawk at it again!


She finally got the fire put out…but not until it had spread to one of her co-workers.


After all that hard work, Bernice was hungry…however, this scene may get a little awkward!  This is the wife of the co-worker Bernice had hit on a mere 3 hours earlier.  But, more importantly, Bernice was able to successfully transform the breakroom shower into a real refrigerator.  Now they can have salad, or any other meal that doesn’t require a stove.  And these meals are cheaper and will keep them full longer.  You’re welcome, co-workers!


Whoah!!!  It’s not like you caught them doing the dirty in the Observatory!  Bernice just merely flirted with your hubby!


Not liking being spurned by two men in 24 hours, Bernice hit the bar that evening.  The bartender was cute.  His name is Ari something or other.


We got him back to our house for a kiss…but then it was time to go to work.  I guess we will be saving you for later.


New night, different bar…and who is waving at Bernice from the other end of the sofa?  His name is Colton Pineda.


She got him home at a more reasonable hour for baby making.  I love how the men react whenever Bernice kisses them for the first time…like she has magic love venom in her lips, and they just got bit.


Finally!!!  There is going to be another baby!!!  What is with these men walking right into the bathroom while the pregnancy test is being completed?!  She is not going to trap you into anything!  In fact, we don’t ever want to see you again!  Your work here is done!


Bernice has been having a lot of trouble finding time to 1-Work, 2-get pregnant, and 3-Take care of her garden.  So she hired a gardener.  He might be a potential baby daddy later.  The garden ended up being deleted by the watcher not long after this, as has Bernice’s aspiration.  She changed her mind and decided to be a Renaissance Sim.


It’s the weekend, and after Nutella did her homework, she worked on her painting.  As a reminder, in my challenge the children and teens have to complete their aspiration and get an A in school before I age them up.


Since they hadn’t had fun in awhile, Bernice took the family to the park during the weekend.


Aww, look at this adorable, colorful, family having a picnic in the park.   How cute!!!


Later that evening back at home, Bernice was SICK AND TIRED of replacing or repairing their crappy appliances…so she decided to transform them.


Ut oh!  And you can see where she is standing…and the freeze ray is on her person!  So why in the hell can’t she PUT OUT THE FIRE!!!


She even came out of the bathroom and looked at me like “What do you expect me to do?”  I miss how you could call the firemen in the old sims games.  Here it’s just too late for us to come out, you’re on your own.  Even owning a fire alarm is usually useless in getting the firemen to come.  But maybe I should buy one for Bernice, just in case it works, and hot firemen come…we could always use a hot fireman.  As an aside, I also miss the burglars, and the NPC policemen.


Look how much the fire has spread now because Bernice didn’t want to freeze ray it in a timely fashion.


Finally put out…phew that was close!


Bernice decided after this fire that they needed a bathroom redo.  So she bought them a cheap, but still upgraded, bathroom from build mode.  The fire caused Tangerine and Nutella to be tense…for days!!!


What’s this?  With all the excitement, I forgot that Bernice was pregnant!  It’s time for a baby!!!


Aww…look at our baby!  He is adorable!!!  Right now his name is Howard, but once he ages to a child, and I do full editmode to see what skin color he got assigned, then I MIGHT change his name.  Some of the skin colors are hard to tell when they are babies, and you can’t do full editmode until they are kids.

So the Father/Baby breakdown to this point:

1.  Tangerine – (Marcus Flex)
2.  Nutella – (Joaquin LeChien)
3.  Howard – (Colton Pineda)

Join us next update, where we see at least one birthday, and maybe another baby get born!

Chapter 1: Beginning Again

09-18-16_7-13-41 PM

Bernice:  What the $@#* is going on?  Why am I purple?
Simfulicious:  Because purple is my favorite color.  And we are going to have Rainbow babies!!!
Bernice:  Why am I back at this cheap house?  Where is my nice mansion, and my babies?
Simfulicious:  About that….this challenge is a little too mundane, as it stands now.  You got rich WAY too fast making those sculptures, and all that happened was this:  find a baby daddy, get pregnant, have kids do homework, age up, move out.  I want life to be harder for you.
Bernice:  Gee, thanks.  So what do I have to do now?
Simfulicious:  Now, baby mamma’s need to have a career, because juggling that with their children will be harder.  Your children will also not be aged up until they have achieved their aspiration, and have an A.  At becoming a child, I will roll a random Adult aspiration, and choose the traits/aspiration I see fit for your child.  If their adult aspiration is not finished by the time they age to adult, then they will stay in the house until it is done.

09-18-16_7-23-30 PM

Not one to waste any time, (though Bernice feels that she has wasted a ton of time on her previous attempt), Bernice heads to the library.  Oh, I should tell you more about this version of Bernice.  She is going to work in the Science field, and her aspiration is Freelance Botanist.   Off to the right, it looks like Dominic Fyres and his wife are having a discussion…hope it’s not about his illegitimate child with Delilah Bairn!

09-18-16_7-25-01 PM

Marcus Flex is a flirty man!  Bernice is able charm him quickly.

09-18-16_7-27-37 PM

She invites him back to her place, which she has redone in various shades of purple.

09-18-16_7-46-01 PM

They share their first kiss, which Marcus seems a shell-shocked about.  Come on, Marcus, she’s just a girl!

09-18-16_7-48-03 PM

And we’re pregnant!  I was sooo tempted to make Bernice hate children, but I wouldn’t be able to stand having her be tense for an eternity.

09-18-16_8-04-21 PM

Bernice is spending some time outside, getting focused before going to work.  Since she is in an interactive career, I want to implement a joining rule.  If her children are babies, I will go to work with her…but if any of her kids are child aged, then I will stay behind while she is working.

09-19-16_8-54-23 AM

I kinda forgot to take pictures during Bernice’s pregnancy..sorry!  So here we are about to give birth to our first baby!

09-19-16_8-56-35 AM

It’s a girl…with orange skin!  We shall name her Tangerine!

09-19-16_9-01-09 AM

Later that evening, Marcus invited Bernice to a party at the bluff.  The only man of interest there was Joaquin LeChien.

09-19-16_9-02-59 AM

Bernice put her moves on him…

09-19-16_9-10-55 AM

And once he was back at Bernice’s place, he was like a deer in the headlights.


09-19-16_9-12-46 AM

Pregnant again!  This time I am watching her age meter rather closely.  At the time of this photo, she still has 19 days left in YA.  I feel like my game isn’t going to age her properly, what with all her pregnancies.  However, since I am changing this challenge up a bit, she probably won’t have an entire house full of children either.

09-19-16_9-17-38 AM

Life for Bernice consists of non-stop feedings and diaper changes…

09-19-16_9-25-26 AM

And playing with big girl toys at work.  She has been stuck at level 2 of her career for awhile, but life isn’t always going to be easy.

09-19-16_10-22-41 AM

Bernice’s current favorite toy is simray, where she can freeze people.  She actually got paid to freeze her co-worker!

09-19-16_10-30-19 AM

Tangerine aged into a child!  Her adult aspiration is going to be Bodybuilder, appropriate since her father is Marcus Flex.  Her child aspiration will be rambunctious scamp and her first trait is active.

09-19-16_10-53-30 AM

It was the weekend, and Bernice didn’t have enough money for a playground, or a computer, so Tangerine called her dad and had him take her to the park.  He is such a good dad, guarding the door against intruders, while Tangerine takes a wee.

09-19-16_10-53-52 AM

They were both energized, so they did a hip bump with each other.

09-19-16_10-54-58 AM

Tangerine is playing with Bernice’s co-worker’s child (say that 10 times fast) on the pirate ship…Marcus is looking confused about something.

09-19-16_11-02-17 AM

Once Tangerine had her first level of aspiration complete, she ended the play date with her dad, and headed to the library to practice typing.

09-19-16_11-12-44 AM

After selling the day’s produce, Bernice was able to buy Tangerine a computer…but not a desk to put it on.

09-19-16_11-34-55 AM

Speaking of garden, this is what it currently looks like.  The section Bernice is working on is just Blackberries, cause I hear they bring in the big bucks in terms of gardening.

09-19-16_11-26-20 AM

Time for baby #2…Nutella Broodmare…two girls right off the bat!!!  This is more like it.

09-19-16_11-26-43 AM

I’m not quite sure how we got a baby with dark a skin color…the father is Joaquin LeChien.  This skin color is not CC, but is one of the colors that comes with the game.  I added CC rainbow colors, so I’m guessing that now my skin colors will all randomize each birth…that’s fine.

09-19-16_12-49-05 PM

I will leave you with this final thought from Bernice…she’s ticked that she doesn’t have the maxed handicapped skill that she had the other day.  And now everything is breaking.

Chapter 6: Beguile

Welcome back to my 100 Baby Challenge, where Bernice is now trying to have a baby with Mortimer Goth, before he croaks.

09-13-16_7-25-48 AM

She’s flirty, and he’s kinda flirty…and yet he keeps getting pissed off when Bernice tries to flirt with him.  This wooing literally took all day!  As soon as the kids left for school (leaving just Bernice and baby Francis in the house), she invited Mortimer over and got dressed up for him.  She tried flirting with him like five times and he wasn’t having it.  So then Bernice sent him away, and recalled him over to her lot, as this normally resets the mood.  He got porky with her again.  So Bernice had to do something that I should have thought of a lot sooner.

09-13-16_7-32-42 AM

That’s right, folks, Beguile…the reward that makes everyone flirty with you when you pang them with an arrow.  I kinda wanted my points for the fertility treatment, but I guess I will get that later.

09-13-16_7-37-48 AM

Things progressed nicely from there, and Bernice was able to snag a first kiss.  Notice that this has taken so long that her children are home from school.  Luckily, they all came home ABSOLUTELY exhausted.

09-13-16_7-44-00 AM

And, yes!  We are pregnant!

09-13-16_5-09-39 PM

After Mortimer left, Bernice woke the kids up from their after school naps, so that they could take care of their other needs…and more importantly, do some homework.  Bernice is at the counter, preparing something special.

09-13-16_5-26-30 PM

That’s right, Cason got an A in school today, and he gets to grow up and leave.

09-13-16_5-26-52 PM

Bye, bye, Cason!  He is now available in the TS4 gallery, under #simfulicious.  Don’t worry, I gave him a clothing makeover before putting him in there.

09-13-16_6-15-58 PM

What’s this?  Davis got an A in school today, too?  Yippee, I can’t wait to see him as a teenager!  Sidenote, did you know that you can re-put candles on the same cake and have another birthday with it?  I had cued Bernice to make two, and the funds came out for the second one, but she had to pee or something, and forgot to make the cake when she came back.  So I did this instead.

09-13-16_6-17-22 PM

Here’s Davis as a teen.  His aspiration rolled is Nerd Brain, and so far his traits are outgoing and genius.  He must take after his father (Travis Scott).

09-13-16_6-45-13 PM

Here’s a random photo of Bernice feeding Francis.  He took a LONG bottle, which afforded me time to catch this.  I love how happy Bernice is, even though she’s sleep deprived, and needs a shower.

09-13-16_7-03-21 PM

The next morning, after everyone went to school, Bernice’s fun meter was in the tank, and she needed a quick pick-me-up.  This guy is a neighbor she called to come over.  She panged him with her beguile arrow.

09-13-16_7-05-29 PM

And before you know it they were kissing and refilling her fun meter.

09-13-16_7-12-51 PM

It’s time for Francis to age up!  This is when I am going to roll his adult aspiration, since I am picking a trait now.  So Francis wants to me a Computer Whiz when he grows up, so I gave him Whiz kid for the child asp, and genius for a trait.

09-13-16_7-17-18 PM

Cason called and asked if he could hang out.  His belongings were pretty meager at the house he lives in, in the town of Windenberg.  At least he’s helping Everly with her homework.

09-13-16_7-39-35 PM

Really?!!!  You were just being thoughtful, and now you have to go and destroy your sister’s dollhouse!  Get out!!!

09-13-16_7-56-38 PM

I guess the dollhouse doesn’t matter too much anymore for Everly, cause she is becoming a teenager!

09-13-16_7-56-45 PM

She is so proud of herself for aging up…but we have got to change those clothes!

09-13-16_7-59-48 PM

Here’s a close up of Everly.  They better hope that Nancy Landgraab doesn’t see her, or else Bernice and Geoffrey are gonna have some ‘splainin to do!

09-13-16_8-16-18 PM

Oh, it’s baby time!  Apparently Bernice didn’t want a ghost to deliver her baby, cause she randomly got up out of her baby machine,

09-13-16_8-16-58 PM

And went to the baby machine in the room next door, so her friend could deliver the baby.

09-13-16_8-18-27 PM

We have another girl!!!  YIPPPEEE!!!  Her name is Gigi.

09-13-16_8-24-14 PM

Normally I would end the chapter at the baby arrival, however, something amazing happened after that!  Bernice has completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration!!!  I also took this moment to check out her age, and she is still 9 days until adult.  I’m pretty sure that when a sim is pregnant, she isn’t aging.  I don’t think it’s a glitch, I think that’s how they made it to work.


Well that’s it for now…join me next time when we shall see what sort of shenanigans the Boodmare’s can get themselves into.  I don’t know, cause I haven’t played it yet!

Chapter 5: Movin’ On Out

Hello everyone!  I’m excited to announce that this chapter will catch you up to my game play!  I don’t like getting too far ahead, so this will make me very happy!


It was time for Benson to become a Young Adult!  Bernice decided to throw an actual birthday party for him.  His twin brother, Alex, is the designated caterer.


Here’s the birthday twinkles, and Alex in the background wondering how this has happened to him…he was the first born, and now Benson has beat him to everything!


The Landgraab’s were invited to the party.  NOOO!!!!  Don’t let Nancy in there!  She might find out that Geoffrey is the father of that baby!


After the birthday party ended, and Benson moved out, Don Lothario invited Bernice to a nightclub.  She wasn’t currently pregnant, and needed to be, so why not?  Who is this yummy man?


He’s the next baby daddy, that’s who!  Don Lothario is PISSED!


She decided to show off her curves, and you can see that Connor (baby daddy) is a little spellbound.


Bernice and Connor decide to get outta there and go to the library, on a “proper” date.


They shared their first, sweet kiss.


Followed by some time in the book closet!  Apparently the books needed sorted again.


We are pregnant!  (Random thought:  I wonder what would happen if you did this challenge with a baby mamma who Hates Children?  Would this graphic be a pissed off mom, instead of a happy one?)


Ut ohh!!! Back at home, it looks like Nancy is confronting Geoffrey outside Bernice’s house.  It didn’t appear on the photo, but there a thought bubble coming out of Nancy’s head with a bed in it.


Guess who’s turn it is to become a young adult?!  Finally!  Get these big nose guys outta my house – cynicalbadger can have them!


Bye bye!


There’s a second birthday!  Cason is going to become a teenager!  Bernice, you look like a chipmunk!


Here’s Cason as a teenager…and he has earned the evil trait…i’m tired of all these bad traits, so I’m going to start employing my own random system.  Starting with the baby we are pregnant with now, I am going to randomize the aspiration, and then pick the traits that go with it.  This way, when they get saved/shared as adults, they will have a better reuse chance.

ch5 p1

Bernice decided it was time to move again, and so they purchased this lovely home next to the Goth’s.

ch5 p2

This photo is probably out of order, but oh well!  It’s Everly as a child!  I apologize, but I cannot remember what her trait is…I think creative.

ch5 p3

Here is Everly’s new bedroom at the new house…isn’t it beautiful!  I finally have some pink to look at!

ch5 p4

The Goth’s came to the Welcome Wagon, and it looks like Bernice needs to start working her charms on Mortimer.


This is Davis playing with toys in his bedroom!  The neanderthal keeps hitting himself in the head with the toy!


Meanwhile, Cason is showing his evil side by breaking Everly’s dollhouse.  Leave your sister’s toys alone, you evil monster!


It’s hospital time!  And who is this man waiting in line for treatment?  Maybe we will have to be looking for him later.


It’s a boy!  Meet Francis Broodmare.


Benson was waiting outside Bernice’s house when she got home from the hospital.  Weird…wonder what he wants?


Well there you have it…you are now caught up to game play.  Please comment/leave feedback letting me know what you think.  Thank you for reading!

Chapter 4: Finally!!!


Good girl, Bernice!  You’re only flirting with THE richest man in simverse!


Don’t stop, get it get it!


yes!!!  We are going to have a Landgraab baby!!! I just hope they don’t get the Landgraab nose…we already have a nose problem in our bloodline.


Speaking of noses, Alex finally was able to be aged up to teenager.  Yep, you’re “pretty” too!


Just a random shot of Alex and Cason sitting together at the table.  This area is heavily used, as I said in the previous chapter, it’s the only table/desk in the whole place.


Davis has aged into a child!  Omg!  He looks like a young rock star!  I LOVE him!


Davis takes a turn on the waterslide!  You’re not supposed to swim with a hat, Davis!


Here’s Davis chatting it up with Bernice.  They are sitting in the kids’ bedroom.  There are actually four beds in here, all blue, cause that’s the story of my life.  Davis is aspiring to be a social butterfly, so we actually have to let him socialize with everyone.


Bernice wasn’t letting anyone spend any money, because she needs to collect a large amount of cash for Fabulously Wealthy.  However, she soon found out that her children were miserable without anything fun to do…so she spent some money on this gaming system thingy.


Bernice also bought some furniture and a big screen tv.  Here’s the family enjoying family time all together.


What the hell?  There are like 4 Coolala’s in here!  Who let the monster in?!  There are now 5 Coolala’s, and the monster went away.


“Bernice is enjoying a rare moment…she’s home ALONE!!! But by the looks of it, it won’t be for much longer!


Yep, here we are in labor.  Bernice couldn’t bring Geofrey along, cause she didn’t want to split up his marriage.  So she decided to bring her soulmate, Grim!  Bad new, however.  After doing some research, it appears that I can flirt to my heart’s content with Grim, but without using cheats, I cannot have his baby.  So I am heartbroken about this.


Bernice was in the labor room, and she laid it all on the table…

Bernice:  Dr. if you give me a girl I will name her after you!


It’s a girl!!!!  Finally!!!  Everyone, meet Everly (named after the doctor).


That’s it for now, as I like ending the chapters when there is a new baby!  Join us next time for some birthdays, and moveouts.